My morning so far

Lying in bed on my side, staring at the glowing numbers on my clock that say I should have gotten up 15 minutes ago, I give a small cough.

Directly behind me, I hear: SPLASH, clatter, scrabble-scrabble-scrabble.

I know without turning over what sound it is: the sound of my cat being so startled by my tiny cough that she upends my water cup and zooms out of the room. "Thursday, you total spaz," I mutter as I climb out of bed and head to get a towel.

Ah, well; at least the cleanup got me up and moving.


AE said...

Sounds like it's time for some more cat whispering?

Mike_R said...

whispering is too loud. You need The Cat Empathizer!
Luckily...i'm The Cat Empathizer!

your cat suffers from Misplaced Hearing Enchancer Syndrome MHES...a treatable ailment. Someone has put a hearing aid into your cat's ears. Take out the device and all will be well.

what a pretty cat btw

Kelly said...

Thank you, Cat Empathizer! Remember when she was just a scrawny stray lurking around my parents' bushes?