I have a large carbon footprint

Strangely, my one-bedroom apartment seems to be worse for the environment than my failure to own a hybrid car or eat locally-grown foods.

What's your carbon footprint?


Get off your high horse

If you're interested in beer, this post is a pretty good read (as far as I know - I admittedly know very little about brewing and its history). It argues that, by any of the standards beer snobs tend to use, Budweiser is just as good as any of your fancy microbrews.

Of course, as the commenters are quick to point out, that doesn't mean it necessarily tastes good. I haven't had plain ol' Budweiser in forever - seems to me like a blind taste test is in order!

For extra credit, you can check out the Pandagon post that took me to that story. There, you can find plenty of examples of people who clearly didn't click over to the actual post (which says that all American beer is not automatically bad, and that all microbrews are not automatically good) but still feel the need to post their opinion (which is, "All American beer is terrible. I can only drink microbrews").

And ... did I spy a few comments referring to Sam Adams as a microbrew or maybe just a local Boston beer? Those of us who live in Cincinnati know how accurate that perception is.


My dad is spamming me

Guess who wants me to buy a house?


Grocery shopping and the single girl

I am a grocery store addict.

I will spend three hours wandering the aisles, comparing prices, looking for new products, scrutinizing labels. Mr. Wufflekins says I will stand motionless in front of canned soup displays for 10 minutes, apparently transfixed. (What he doesn't realize is that my eyes are actually darting all around, searching for the one can of soup that perfectly balances taste, price and nutrition. One day, I will find it - a delicious soup that is completely calorie-free and that the store will actually pay me to take away.)

Finally, I will drag myself to the checkout line with $200 in "ideas" - fresh vegetables and exotic ingredients for some future dish that will never materialize. I don't want to think about how much cilantro, eggplant and ground turkey has spoiled or developed freezer-burn at my hands over the years.

Reading this post by Stepfanie at the Enquirer blog The Foodie Report made me think about the way I shop for groceries. This is not a smart method for a girl who cooks only for herself (and occasionally her boyfriend).

I want to start shopping differently: more frequently, but less intensively. I want to breeze into Bigg's three or four times a week, spend $20 on food I will eat within the next day or two, and be in the express checkout lane within 20 minutes.

The grocery store is always going to be there. I just have to remind myself of that.

Quote of the day

Until I got onto the internet I had never met somebody who gets actually angry about the fact that some people care about things that he or she doesn't. It would be sort of interesting to meet some of these people in real life:

"Excuse me, but why in the hell are we learning German? I don't want to speak German, and I don't see why anyone else should. Can't we all just speak English and shut up about stupid foreign languages I don't care about?"

"If you don't want to take German, why are you enrolled in this class?"

"I'm not; I was just looking on a bulletin board and noticed that German was being taught, and since I don't think German is interesting I felt I should come here and let everyone know that they're being stupid and wasting their time."

"Why do you serve blueberry pancakes? I hate blueberries, and I don't really like pancakes that much, either. If people would just shut up about their blueberry pancakes I could get back to ordering waffles in peace."

--from Molten Boron


Overheard at the downtown Starbucks

"Yeah, I'm at Starbucks because the Internet connection at the hotel was so bad. So I'm at Starbucks. Listen to me. Never stay at the Millennium. Make a note of that. Never stay there. Never stay there. Write it down in blue pen. Never stay there. Never."