Brought to you by the letter "Arrr"

Avast, mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And in honor of this auspicious occasion, I'll be dredgin' up some o' me favorite pirate jokes from Davy Jones' locker! Read on, ye scurvy dogs!

Mateys, had ye heard about the new pirate corn?

Aye, I hear ye can buy it for a buck an ear.

Why couldn't the wee pirate go see the movie?

Because it were rated Arrr.

And why were it rated Arrr?

Because of all the booty.

What be a pirate's favorite socks?

His arrr-gyles.

And what be his favorite subjects in school?

Arrr-chitecture and arrr-t.

If a pirate be wishin' to impress the lasses with his finery, what be his designer o' choice?


And finally, what be a pirate's favorite fast-food restaurant?


Uh, no, dude, Long John Silver's. Jeez, that one was a gimme!

What be your favorite pirate joke, mateys? Post it in the comments or face walkin' the plank!