First sign of Xmas

And on September 28, the 2008 holiday season began.



The news cycle

You know what's scarier than the news of "by far the largest bank failure in American history"?

When I flipped on Morning Edition this morning, it wasn't the top story. The program kicked off with efforts in Washington to address the financial crisis, then segued into the WaMu story: Speaking of the economy, a bank you've actually heard of failed overnight ...

I'm not slamming NPR's news judgment. I totally believe that compared to the wacky will-they-or-won't-they drama in Washington yesterday - especially considering its potential effect on the debate tonight, not to mention the fact that $700,000,000,000 is at stake - the failure of one more major U.S. financial institution could be considered less newsworthy. I mean, by now it's basically business as usual, right?

Which is why it's scary.


Happy hour

MPMF kick off on Fountain Square - blocked a little by the garage entrance


Lunchtime madness at Ingredients

That's what I get for going at 12:30.


Pro football Sunday

Who Dey!

UPDATE. As it turns out, Baltimore dey.

College football Saturday

Tried to send it yesterday, but 100,000 people in the vicinity = no cell reception.


High school football Friday

Both teams are called the Bulldogs.

Stuck in traffic

Looks like the guy in front of me might be going up to Columbus for the game too.


Because debates are all the rage this fall, and so are puns

Cocktail ideas for your big debate party:
- John McTini
- Obama Bahama Mama
- Scotch on the Baracks
- (Whiskey,) Straight (Up) Talk Express
- Champagnes We Can Believe In

Beer selections:
- Amber Barack
- Rolling Barack
- Palin Ale
- Red State Stripe
- Blue State Moon
- Hefe-Biden (too much?)

Any others?


I would rather watch ballet than get shot in the face, but to each their own

I think of fantasy football as a socially acceptable form of Dungeons and Dragons, in that it involves elaborate management of statistics in an attempt to better your odds against a roll of the dice. (Carson threw to your guy TJ instead of Chad, even though both were open? Natural 20!) I always imagine it would be even better if you could collect stuff like a +3 Shoulder Pads of Defense.

This video doesn't really get at that aspect of it, but it's still funny if you're a fantasy football outsider.

P.S. In case you were wondering, my fake fantasy football team name (fantasy fantasy football?) is Dr. Kelly's 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Football Solution.