The news cycle

You know what's scarier than the news of "by far the largest bank failure in American history"?

When I flipped on Morning Edition this morning, it wasn't the top story. The program kicked off with efforts in Washington to address the financial crisis, then segued into the WaMu story: Speaking of the economy, a bank you've actually heard of failed overnight ...

I'm not slamming NPR's news judgment. I totally believe that compared to the wacky will-they-or-won't-they drama in Washington yesterday - especially considering its potential effect on the debate tonight, not to mention the fact that $700,000,000,000 is at stake - the failure of one more major U.S. financial institution could be considered less newsworthy. I mean, by now it's basically business as usual, right?

Which is why it's scary.


Barry Floore said...

Thanks, my "terrified that the world is falling" meter just went really high when you put it that way.

LOL -- good commentary.

PS How does one join the Blogroll of JUSTICE? I definitely want to be on the side of JUSTICE (in all caps, mind you... not just justice anymore... JUSTICE).

Kelly said...

Dude, you are already in! Check under "Local," between Queen City Survey and Stacked. ;)

Barry Floore said...

Oh, duh. I'm just a jealous ho and wondering why there isn't a giant flashing neon sign that says "AWESOME" next to my name. In the end, that's what I REALLY want. LOL