Hello again, Twitter

After a concerted effort to update at Twitter whenever I think of it, I've decided to add my Twitter feed back to my sidebar.

The key to Twitter, I think, is seeing it not as a mini-blog but as a communication tool for friends. Don't you want to know what your friends are doing, right this second? Well, don't you? Are you a bad friend or something?

Also, the ability to update easily via text message is attractive; it means that I'll be able to post little life updates from my vacation in New Jersey next week so you won't go insane from Kelly deprivation. (The DSM IV lists it as treatable only with the regular application of Gina, which works as a kind of Kelly methadone.)



Sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk, Thursday will climb onto the radiator. Every now and then, she'll crouch and gear herself up for a jump, I'll move my arms out of the way, and she'll skid slightly as she lands on the desk in front of my computer.

Except today, I didn't notice that she was getting ready for a jump. I felt her front paws hit my arm, then scrabble wildly for a split second before she dropped over the edge of the desk, upending the wastebasket on her way. Whoops.

It never occurred to me that I had a crucial role in this maneuver of hers. I guess when I'm at my computer, I'll just have to keep one eye on the radiator. I wouldn't want to let Thursday down.


Late dinner

In the past few months, I've been turning more and more to beans as an inexpensive, healthy source of protein. (They're tasty, too - black beans and brown rice has become one of my favorite meals.) Lately, I've been taking this frugality to an extreme by buying dried instead of canned beans. They're kind of amazing - $1.50 (at the most) gets you something like 12 servings of legumey goodness.

So late last week I cooked up a batch of chickpeas, figuring I'd make hummus or something. But then there was this party and I didn't have the time to figure out the proportions for The Ultimate Homemade Hummus, so I just bought some at Kroger a half-hour before the party. And because I was hungry, I bought way too much, so now I have a fridge full of hummus AND a full Crock-Pot's worth of chickpeas.

Luckily for me, Kris at Cheap Healthy Good uses psychic power to tap into my every culinary need. I want a schmancy dish to serve my mom for her birthday; she posts Chicken Marsala. I have 17,000 chickpeas what needs eatin'; she puts up Curried Chickpeas and Black Beans. It's eerie!

I should probably be concerned that Kris will use her powers to extract my bank account numbers from my head or something, but for the moment, I'm just happy to have something for dinner.