My dad is spamming me

Guess who wants me to buy a house?


Mike_R said...

I'd do whatever the big man says.

Kari said...

I'm so happy you're blogging again!

Anonymous said...

There's one in Cheviot that has a kick-ass stove.


Kelly said...

Ah, Jen - if only I could afford such luxuries.

After a brief search, I've concluded that the only houses I could afford to buy are in neighborhoods where I'd be nervous to live alone.

Mike, my dad is on a property-buying tear - for himself and for everyone he knows. If I told him that you and AE are renting, he'd probably fly out to LA just to kick your ass - and check the listings for any apartment buildings that might be on the market.

Mike_R said...

and after he looked the property values he'd pass out.