Guitar Hero II rocks my socks

It's been a while since I pulled out the old Guitar Hero II, and it turns out the reason for that is that I was playing it alone. The only reason to play Guitar Hero II alone is to unlock more songs so you can play more with your friends.

Last weekend I carted my game and two guitar controllers up to West Chester, where some friends and I spent hours dueting on the 15 or so songs that were there, and it encouraged me to finish unlocking the rest of those songs. Which I finally did tonight for the Easy difficulty, thanks to a combination of persistence, Star Power, and luck.

So now I'm working on the Medium difficulty, and a couple things are different. For one, I get paid for each song I clear. Now I can visit the store and buy new characters and even songs. Awesome!

Another thing: Tonight I played my three songs to clear the Battle of the Bands venue, and suddenly, the audience is clapping in unison, and the screen flashes, "ENCORE! Do you want to go back on stage?" So I select yes, expecting the fourth song in the set to start up - but instead, some Spinal Tap song I've never heard of before comes on. I play it and clear it ... and now it's there in my setlist, presumably as a permanent option.

This post probably won't make sense if you haven't played Guitar Hero. Which is why you should totally play Guitar Hero.

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Eileen said...

We need to play sometime! I was sitting here looking at my controller and thinking it would be more fun if I knew someone else who liked to play.