Game day

In May or June, I got a letter from the OSU athletic department informing me that I've been selected for the honor of purchasing tickets to the Wisconsin game. I immediately sent back a check for $120, which is my way of letting the athletic department know that I'd be honored to accept this honor. And in August, I got a letter informing me that, while they thought they could squeeze me in for the Wisconsin honor, it turns out that one is full, so here are tickets for the Youngstown State honor instead.

I wasn't surprised, because it happens every year. But I feel certain that I am working my way up the food chain, and after 10 years or so, I will be able to attend, say, the Northwestern game.

Anyway, I took my sister along.

If you go to a Buckeye football game, especially a non-conference game, there is a good chance you will spend so much time at the parties outside that you might not make it into the stadium.

But we got there by halftime, which was cool, because it was alumni band day, so we got to see four Script Ohios forming at once (the student band has two little ones going in the end zones):

Gotta love Script Ohio.

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Carrie G said...

Oh, man, Script Ohio makes me a little homesick and I didn't even go to Ohio State.