Game day, part 2

The Buckeye game was a blowout, of course. (Final score: 38-6.)

But every now and then, the scoreboard would flash the scores of other college games that were going on. When that happened, the stadium would erupt with cheers - because we could see that Michigan was losing to Appalachian State.

After the game, my sister and I made our way back to the Varsity Club party, where they had switched the TV over to the Michigan game. And let me tell you, the final five minutes of that game were more exciting than the whole of the OSU-Youngstown State game.

Appalachian State is located in Boone, N.C., which Wikipedia tells me has a population of 13,274. That means it's probable that the Mountaineers had more fans in Columbus yesterday than in their own hometown. (Possibly 10 times as many; the stadium seats over 100,000, and there were thousands more watching at the bars.)

There was pandemonium at the Varsity Club as Michigan's final field goal attempt was blocked:

(Here's a pretty good recap from the AP, and stories from Charlotte and Asheville - which, naturally, capture the mood in Columbus just a bit better than this column from Detroit.)

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