The Great Cranberry-Apple Crisp Caper

I finally used up the last of those cranberries (amazingly, there were still some good ones left!) with another batch of cranberry-apple walnut crisp. Delicious! I made it in my baking dish that has a cover, so I could bring it to work.

This week, I've been trying to wake up early and go to the gym in my office building before work. I throw on my workout clothes when I wake up and bring an office-appropriate outfit along in my big duffel bag. Because it's tough to carry a duffel bag and a baking dish at the same time, I just placed the dish carefully inside, balanced on top of my sweater and jeans.

You can already see what's coming, can't you?

When I unzipped my bag after my workout, I discovered that the dish had shifted, leaking reddish-brown syrup into my bag - and all over my clothes.

The upshot: Not only did I have to wear my sweatpants all day at work (just be glad it wasn't the bike shorts), I also wound up stealing several towels from the gym locker room. There's a hamper in there for used towels, but I couldn't bring myself to toss in the reddish-brown-stained ones I'd used to clean out my bag - I kept imagining what the cleaner would think. I may be the only person ever to steal towels, only to return them after a good bleaching.

Actually, I'm probably nowhere near the first.


hellogerard said...

Hmm. You're not the first person to take towels and intend to return them. But you may be the first to actually return them.

Sweatpants at work is a great thing!

Kelly said...

Well, I haven't technically returned them yet.

Katie said...

if you were giada or rachael, the cranberry clothes could have been added to the iron chef match...! You created a new dish! :)Put on the clothes, and then eat off your elbow...perfect! I can see the judges now..."It's a gem, could have used a little more presentation..but wonderful" annnnd I'm done rambling. good bye sister.

Kelly said...

Ha ha! I bet Mo Rocca would think it was awesome, and that white-haired guy with the glasses who never likes anything would be all "harumph! tastes like polyester ..."