Browser browsing

Like Gina, I've had it up to here with Safari. I'm sick of its stupid, clunky find feature; I'm sick of not being able to use Blogger's compose mode; I'm sick of not being able to do as much in general. I would say I'm sick of the way the page loading progress appears in the URL text box, but I never liked that to begin with.

The last straw for me was when I realized I couldn't put folders in my bookmarks menu; the whole thing has to be just a straight line of unrelenting bookmarks. I don't want to go to the "Show All Bookmarks" page every time I want to access my bank account, just because I wanted a folder of "Finances" links!

But MAN, I am not a fan of Firefox's "live bookmark" feature at all. I want my RSS feeds back - plus I hear there are better browsers out there for Macs. So here I go out into the world, trying to find the browser for me. I've got at least two that I'll try:

- Camino: what Gina found when Safari left her for Tiger
- Shiira: recommended by electro^plankton

(I might also try a Mac-optimized version of Firefox, also linked from the electro^plankton post.)

Any other suggestions? Things to look for in a browser?


Gina said...

Ooh. Shiira sounds pretty.

Kelly said...

Eh, so far it's basically Camino with purple buttons. But if I want, I can make those buttons, like, silver! Or brushed steel!

Josh said...

You should try Shiira's male twin browser, Hii-Man.