'80s attack!

So Eileen had a contest, and I won a prize through sheer perseverance, basically. My prize: an iTunes song of my choosing.

The thing is, I've wanted to get this song for months, but I've held off - partly because I'm usually at work when the urge to listen to it strikes, and partly because I figured I could find the whole album used somewhere for the price of the iTunes song. It seems like that kind of album.

But now the song is mine, and I never have to go another day without listening to "Everything She Wants" by Wham!

So here is a gift for you, gentle reader. In the long, dark days B.C. (before the contest), I would content myself with watching the video of this song. I present that video to you in all its awesomely '80s glory.

A few points:
- George Michael with his crazy lion's mane!
- Poor Andrew Ridgeley (whom I've looked up like 8 times and still had to pull up Wikipedia to remember his last name) only gets face time when he's singing "Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, a-whoa-oh, a-whoa-oh, doo-doo-doo LA LA LA LA-LA!" Already it was clear what was going to happen to him.
- During that instrumental break in the middle, we get this awesome scene - George in bed with a woman, looking all hurt and scared, like a lost puppy. Poor George Michael!


AE said...

This song kicks ass. I always liked the brown-haired one (as AR was known before the Internet) better.

And now you tell me that you're having my baby?? I'll tell you that I'm happy if you want me to!

Gina said...

Wow. That hair is for real.

Do you think he misses those days of packing stadiums with fans?

I was always partial to Freedom myself.

"Baby, you could drag me to hell and back just as long as we're togetherrrrrrr!"

AE said...

Gina, I had completely forgotten about Freedom, but after reading your comment I had it in my head all day yesterday. "And you dewwwww!"

Gina said...

Hahaha. Awesome. I downloaded it right after I typed that comment. Let me know if LaLa doesn't have it, I'll overnight you a copy!

mostoman said...

Oh! Those eighties!

In my opinion, Make it Big was Wham! best album, and I always thought it wasn't fair tha way Andrew has been forgotten. In fact, many people think "Careless whisper" is a G.Michael song and it's one of the few songs written by both of them.

(if there are any mistakes, I'm sorry)

Greetings from Spain