'80s attack, part 2

Eileen, you need to have another contest soon. Now that I have obtained "Everything She Wants," I require MORE sustenance! I HUNGER for '80s songs!

Specifically, my sights have turned to this:

Video Analysis:
- You can tell this is going to be a cool video from the start, since it opens with a helicopter! You don't get any more bad-ass than that, unless it's ...
- PHIL COLLINS DOING DANCE MOVES IN A SWEATER-VEST AND CHINOS! Hot! I'm not even going to mention the vibrating pelvis scene, because my mom reads this sometimes. Poor Phil Bailey doesn't have a chance.
- Is this the video from which all other "how we made the video"-themed videos sprang? Maybe it is ... and maybe it is.
- During the "rehearsal," you can hear the song, but you can also hear Phil & Phil rehearsing the song on top of it. Whoa - meta.
- I'm glad they went with the suits and not the sequined headbands Phil C. seemed to want. Also, a silk button-down shirt that appears to have been splattered with paint? I don't remember that trend, but we need to bring it back.

Thanks, Phil and Phil! You make making a music video look like so much fun - not like that Saved by the Bell episode where Jessie got addicted to caffeine pills.

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