White Death 2008 edition

At about this point in my commute Thursday, I was really starting to envy the people who live in those downtown condos.


AE said...

Aieee. I remember that view *so* well.

Unknown said...

Went downtown to a bar after work for a couple drinks. Got stuck on Gilbert coming back, had to walk the rest of the way. That kind of sucked, but I still got home by 8.

Reminded me of the Dealer's 2005 snow blog.

Unknown said...

I probably shoul've gone the happy-hour route.

Too bad Mr. W doesn't work downtown anymore - one time he and I went with one of his co-workers to dinner at Campanello's instead of braving the snow and traffic. We had a nice meal, and by the time we got on the roads, they were much clearer and emptier.

Katie @ CiN said...

One word: Metro!

Seriously, I haven't seen any recently released prisoners on the bus since that one time you rode it.