Memories of free Wi-Fi

I just received an e-mail notifying me of a new comment on a very old post, in the comments of which I reveal that in 2005, I was connecting to the Internet through an open wireless network named "Eurmama." I speculated that it was named for a band that often plays at R.P. McMurphy's bar down the street (although that would be a pretty long way for a wireless signal to travel).

The new comment said:

LOL, i know this is an old post, but you are piggy backing off of MY internet... LOL... good thing I put a network key on it!

signed.... Eurmama

It's not from RP's....

How funny! Well, Eurmama, you'll be happy to know that I have since gotten my own network connection. Thank you for providing me with Internet access for my first few months in this apartment!


Anonymous said...

So you are still my neghbor, you must live on the corner, (i've heard the yappy dogs)...

I'm in the yellow house ;)

Kelly said...

I do live on the corner! I've blogged about those dogs.