12 weeks and counting

I talk a good game about running, but the truth is that it's mostly talk. When my dad and I get together to "run" twice a week, we do far more walking than running. During those leisurely workouts, I think the farthest we've gone running and walking combined is four miles. The farthest I've gone at a nonstop trot is 5K.

So when I say that tomorrow I'll begin training for the half marathon, it is with a feeling of sheer terror and a lack of confidence that I'll have the willpower to see the thing through.

Working out six days a week for 12 weeks doesn't really seem like "my thing," or rather, "humanly possible." I know that people do it, and in fact plenty of people have been doing it for months already for the full marathon, but those "people" are clearly super-athletic robots designed to inspire and/or shame normal humans. (Some of them have fun blogs, though.)

But what the hey; I'm gonna give it a shot. It took three years to change me from someone who hates running to someone who tries to convince others to run 5Ks. Let's see if 12 weeks can change me into a real runner.


Mike_R said...

I have full confidence this conversation will happen someday:

Kelly: You should run a 5k! Its great. You feel great afterward. Being exhaused is its own reward. You'll love it
Me: No f**ing way you insane ro-bot.

Katie @ CiN said...

GOOD LUCK! I'm very impressed you're going to do this. I'll plan to watch you cross the finish line!

Dan said...

Good luck!

My goal from January 1 was to run my first 5k at the GoOTR 5k in June. I'm in training but can already run it . . I'm just slow.

Oh, and those bloggers for the Pig are insane. I hadn't read their blogs until now.

Kelly said...

Ha ha - I know another Dan, and for a second I thought you were him and got very confused, because he eats marathons for breakfast!

Yeah, I love the Pig blogs every year. Last year there was a guy who was struggling with his training, saying he just couldn't seem to get past eight miles without starting to feel really bad. I was like, "Dude, I've never run eight miles in my LIFE."

Gina said...

What this half-marathon training program needs is the perfect cheer, coupled with an awe-inspiring montage.

I'm working on it!

gerard said...

In HS, most cross-country teams had custom t-shirts with cute sayings on the back like "if you can read this, then you're behind me!"

We wanted ours to say "we may walk, but we walk hard!" The coach did not go for it.