Training, Week One: Why the Treadmill Sucks (And Also Why it is Sometimes Awesome)

Last week saw Greater Cincinnati covered in horrid ice, so all my workouts were indoors. (To be fair, the weekend was excellent for outdoor running, but I spent most of that time making my apartment appear habitable to outsiders.)

I've never done much running on the treadmill before (not that I did much this week, actually; I totaled only five miles), but here is what I noticed:

- It is boring. If you are facing a television, it is slightly less boring - but only slightly.
- You can't adjust your pace to match the beat of the awesome song that just came on your iPod.
- It feels unnatural. Running outdoors is tiring, but at least you are fairly certain that you are moving across the ground and not the other way around.
- It's loud. Which causes you to crank up the volume on your iPod, which in turn causes long-term damage to your hearing.

But there is this:

- I don't have a Garmin or a Nike Plus system or any of that. The treadmill was an excellent source for just how far I had run and what my pace was getting there.
- The treadmill's set pace prompted me to push myself. I am fairly certain I wouldn't have run two miles without stopping for a walk if I had been jogging through Oakley.
- Let's not discount the utter lack of deadly ice to slip on while running on the treadmill.

So, while the treadmill thing is far from ideal, I like that it keeps me accountable and gives me lots of information about my run. Until the weather starts cooperating (the lovely weekend weather was shoved out the door by more ice), I can handle it.

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