Oscar Watch, miniature edition

Juno (Best Actress, Directing, Original Screenplay, Best Picture)

Seriously. Ellen Page is tiny.

(Image stolen from Best Week Ever, where I also learned that Juno director Jason Reitman made his screen debut as that boy who sneaks off with his girlfriend to make out during the fire in Kindergarten Cop.)

I know I posted a list of a dozen or so movies to see before the Oscars - but most of them were really just movies I'd like to see at some point, you know, in my life. There was only one I really wanted to see as soon as possible. And now I have! Hooray!

I don't have much to say about Juno, except that I loved it. I really did. It's funny and sad and poignant, and it takes a small, fairly simple story and uses it to display fascinating characters. I want Juno to be a TV show so I can see these people every week.

If I had to nitpick, I'd say the best friend character could've had more nuance - I don't know whether this was a directing or acting issue, but she was the only character in the movie who seemed like kind of a caricature. (She was also the one who said the one line of the much-maligned too-witty dialogue that actually bothered me - "Honest to blog?" - but she couldn't help that, I guess.)

But that's really a tiny gripe - tinier than Ellen Page, even. Overall, I thought Juno was fantastic. The story? Fantastic! Ellen Page? Fantastic! Michael Cera? Fantastic! (I was about to list all the other major actors in the same manner, but you get the picture.)

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