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It's been a while since I've posted a music video review up in here, but this one TOTALLY merits the revival of the feature.

  • OK, first of all, the song itself is genius. ("I will have you. I will have you. I will find a way, and I will have you." Poetry!)
  • The very first shot is of a giant jester shoe tapping out the beat. Conceptual! (0:00)
  • The hair, the shoes, the keyboard, the outfits, the lighting - everything is SO VERY '80s that it makes my hair crimp a little just watching it. (0:05)
  • Antony and Cleopatra are just hanging out with their backup band at their friend's pool overlooking LA. Which makes total sense, but what's with the pirate? (0:56)
  • OMG ELECTRIC HEXAGONAL DRUM KIT MANNED BY DUDE WITH TWO-TONE MULLET my hair just spontaneously permed itself. (1:17)
  • Hang on, now two-tone mullet guy is the guitarist, and he's providing the soundtrack to some sort of epileptic seizure? (1:30)
  • Even though the video was obviously thrown together in a day, using a friend with a pool's home and whatever costumes the band could scrape up, it kinda looks like male singer guy isn't in on the joke. (various, but especially 1:35)
  • Now a spaceman is having the seizure, and he's being watched over by a man with plants growing out of his hat. ... Cool. (2:03)
  • The jester is clearly the hero of the piece - he has the courage to drum on Cleopatra's head, and he's rewarded by having his foot appear in the opening scene. (2:16)
  • Silver Venetian blind shades at night FTW! (2:52)
  • Someone thought the shot of the pirate raising his eyebrow was GOLD, Jerry! (3:34)
  • And then, all the crazy characters disappear, leaving their costumes behind. Maybe ... they transcended matter and evaporated into pure states of awesome? (This is definitely what happened.) (3:52)

Sorry, all other '80s music videos. The bar has been set, and I doubt you can pole-vault that well, seeing as how you don't have arms.

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Kelly, this post is awesome.