More on Sitemeter

In the comments to the last post, QueerCincinnati.com asked about Sitemeter. I've been playing with it for about a week now, and I'm enthralled. It's free, and it gives me tons of information about who's coming to the site.

When I log in, this is what I see:

So right away, that's some pretty good info. And you can break that down in graph form.

But Sitemeter also pulls information about my individual visitors. Like, crazy amounts of data. Like what monitor resolution they have. (I can actually see how this would be helpful, depending on what you're trying to do with your site; you could scale your design up or down to fit the majority of your viewers' monitors.)

Also, you can pull up a world map that shows where all your visitors come from. This is the most fun part.

The cursor disappeared when I took the screenshot, but what's happening is that I'm mousing over a little green dot on the eastern edge of China, which causes a white box to pop up with the viewer's server and location.

So if I click on that visitor from T'ai-pei, I discover that he found this old post on a Google search for "something told the wild geese" (OK, wow, that post is the #1 hit for that search in Google Taiwan!) and stayed for 0 seconds. Guess he didn't find what he was looking for. Also, he was using IE 7.0 on a Windows NT machine.

Anyway, that's Sitemeter. Can you see why I love it so far?

UPDATE. Sorry, I forgot to mention my one problem with Sitemeter: as far as I know, it doesn't track RSS subscribers. (Or if it does, it doesn't distinguish them from regular visitors.) Anyone know more about this?


Eileen said...

I get an amazing number of hits from people searching for "somebody tell me why I work so hard for you" which was the title of the blog post where I bought you the Wham! song "Everything She Wants." Last time I checked, I was actually the top google hit for that search. It's crazy what you'll find out from sitemeter.

Kelly said...

I'm glad my Wham! obsession helped boost your traffic! Wham! - is there anything they can't do?

Barry Floore said...

thanks so much!!! i had the feedjit bit that just told me why people were visiting and where they were coming from, without a counter.

i got the sitemeter -- THANKS!!!

you're also blogrolled!!! :-)

Barry Floore said...

HA. As a follow up, I get a lot of hits (I've known this through my FEEDJIT meter) by people searching for pictures of Speedos. And, if you read, I post funny ways people find my site. My two fav's so far:

"dead queers obama"


"how to act in a gay bathhouse"

Kelly said...

Today at work we were talking about how comparing Obama to Hitler is the new right-wing trend, and I did a search for "obama fascist."

Somewhere, someone is reading a Sitemeter page and being appalled at me.