At the Mercantile


Barry Floore said...

look at those nerds. LOL.

i see die flaudermas, wine me dine me, make cincinnati weird/hello gerard, cincinnati dealer, queen city survey, schwartz, buy cincy, stacked... :-)

it was great to meet you, Kelly to the MAX!

i think we should start a blogger's salon up there every month, seeing as how we're all special now and have "press passes." :-)

much love

hellogerard said...

Hmmm. I slouch more than I thought.

Anonymous said...

damn... I fell asleep, right after I emailed in my RSVP. I guess there's always next year.

Emily Malone said...

kelly, found your blog through the half-marathon/cinweekly connection (great run by the way!) and have checked it ever since.

but i guess you already knew that from sitemeter. i've installed it on mine now too - so much fun info!

from your blog, i checked out links and looked at your friend gina's blog, only to discover that she lives in my old apartment! small world. i loved and miss that apartment, so now i visit it through gina.

your cat is precious.

thanks for the sitemeter tip!

Anonymous said...

Gerard, you probably only slouch like that when you're forced to talk to short people.

AE said...

Aw, I miss the Mercantile.

Julie said...

Yay, you read Kasmira's blog! Still sad I missed you. :(

Dan said...

Shoot! I didn't know about this. OMGreds should have totally been there raising hell.

Kelly said...

Hey, I e-mailed you about it!