Wizard rock!

Headed to the show! Stacie likes it in the back (of the SUV).

Danae and I do that thing where I hold the camera out at arm's length and hope I have it aimed right.

Holly and Chele.

Chele rocks out with Brian from Draco and the Malfoys pre-show.

Danae bought a H&tP foam finger. That's right - they sold foam fingers.

Micah and her friend Aly, who lives in Grove City (Columbus suburb) and was kind enough to give us a ride to Skully's, where the show was. Aly has never read the Harry Potter books - but now she plans to. Such is the power of wizard rock.

Up first, The Whomping Willows. Wizard Rock 4-eva!

Holly, Chele and Danae in the crowd. Danae was about ready to go bustin' some heads if Matt didn't play "Draco and Harry." Luckily for all of us, it was his last song.

Draco and the Malfoys are up now, which means: "It's time to PARTY! LIKE! YOU'RE EVIL! It's time to FREAK! OUT! SOME MUGGLES!"

OK, so I guess Bradley lays down a drum track in advance, and then they use that for the shows. The drum machine went on the fritz, so Brian had to pull out his iBook. Macs ... is there anything they can't do? (I mean, except play City of Heroes ...)

While Brian fiddled with the drum track, Bradley played solo.

Whoa, dude - you kinda DO look evil there! I guess red-eye will do that to you.

It was an all-ages show. Here you can see a few kids sitting on the bar. I wonder if Skully's has ever had a crowd quite like this.

Things get hectic when my camera decides it's happier on the "Make Everything Look All Trippy" setting.

That would be Paul (aka Harry Year 7) if my camera weren't doing the trippy thing.

There we go! Hello, Paul!

Uh-oh! Looks like one of the Malfoys infiltrated the Potters' set! Bradley changed ties and came onstage as Bill Weasley.

Joe (Harry Year 4) pulls out a sax. Awesome!

These guys basically never stop jumping. Check their MySpace photos if you don't believe me.

It's tough to see in this photo, but this guitar has a lightning bolt painted on it, which is pretty cool. At one point, the guys did the guitar salute from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which was pretty rad, because I knew there had to be someone else out there who liked that movie. Too bad I didn't catch it on film.

Joe plays keyboards, and the bubble machine goes wild! This was the big finish, "The Weapon." So the bubble machine's going, and suddenly the guys jump into the crowd and start giving everybody hugs, and everyone's singing, "The weapon we have is LOVE!" - and it sounds hippie-ish in the retelling, but it was pretty awesome if you were there.

After-party at Barley's in the Arena District. As you can see, Danae took advantage of the excellent happy hour at Skully's. During the show, she was fanning everyone around her with her foam finger - which was nice, except when she would get a little too close and start hitting you in the face with it. Afterwards, she wandered around the bar offering everyone Soft Batch cookies.


AE said...

Yay!!! Aren't they great? They are easily the most energetic band I have ever seen. Did Draco and the Malfoys play "My Dad Is Rich And Your Dad Is Dead"? That's a favorite of mine. We also talked to Brian before the show here last year (recognized him from the photo) and found him very nice for a Slytherin.

I love the foam fingers. We love our Fight Evil and Tooth Decay! toothbrush.

Thanks for sharing the photos! Wizard Rock!

Kelly said...

They did play "My Dad Is Rich"! But I think my favorite might be "99 Death Eaters," or possibly "Party Like You're Evil."

I really wanted a toothbrush, and I was even going to do a book report on one of the summer reading list books so that I could get a free one. Unfortunately, I didn't finish Book 7 until the night before the show, so I didn't have enough time to read anything else - and when we got to the show, I didn't see any for sale.

Oh, well. I was still happy because I got their gorgeous Summer Tour 2007 poster.

AE said...

That is a gorgeous poster! You can always do a book report later, just for fun. Reading rocks! (Oh God, these guys' enthusiasm is so contagious.)