In search of Book 7

I didn't reserve Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows anywhere because I wasn't sure whether Gerry and Sarah's rehearsal dinner would go on past midnight. It ended at 11, so I had an hour to figure out what to do.

I stopped by Joseph-Beth without any real intention of picking up the book there - as you can see, it was a madhouse:

Just packed!

There was some fun stuff happening, though; I filled out a trivia quiz and a "Snape: Good or Evil?" poll, both of which offered chances to win gift certificates. The woman next to the Snape poll was pretty irritating, though; she kept shrilly insisting that Snape was evil:

(She's the one in the glasses with the owl perched on her shoulder.)

There were tons of fun costumes, too - my favorite was a perfect Luna with a cork necklace and a lion hat, but I didn't get a picture.

Oh, yeah, and Warm 98 was there for some reason. Soft rock was blaring across the parking lot - one more reason not to get into the line that, by the time I left, had wound in front of the store three times.

With less than a half hour to go, I headed to Meijer to see what their "party" was all about.

That's a long line! I bought a few groceries but decided against waiting for the book. Instead, I headed over to Kroger:

They had a good system at Kroger: instead of having everyone who wanted a book stand in one line, they just gave each cashier a stack of books to sell. If you wanted one along with your Five Alive, you said so.

So there was no big wait at Kroger, but the store was definitely livelier than it normally is at midnight. Maybe that's why I heard a college kid say to his friends, as I twirled out of the store with my book, "Aw, damn - I hate Harry Potter."

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AE said...

I love this post. Happy reading! And go Kroger.

Much as I love Joseph-Beth, Lord Almighty can it get congested.