Damn! Damn damn!

I'm so very sick of Brokeback Mountain jokes.

At least that's what I thought.

Of course, that didn't stop me from giggling with glee at the poster for Buckbeak Mountain, with its seamless Photoshopping and clever nods to fanfic:

And it doesn't stop me from adoring this trailer for "Brokeback to the Future":

Perhaps I should revise my opinion to "I hate Brokeback Mountain jokes, unless they are carefully crafted and involve one of my pop-culture loves."

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AE said...

Draco Malfoy in a dress! I love it.

Have they cast Nymphadora yet? I'm getting all teary just thinking about her and Remus. I wish they'd bring Cuaron back for the fifth movie. He'd know how to handle that subtext.

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