"Why are you like this?" "Like what?" "Like how you are."

I'm in bed early tonight so I can get up to run a 5K tomorrow. My cat nuzzles against me.

Suddenly, I think, "Wait a second - I'm a dog person, and I hate running! Who is this person I've become? Because it's definitely not someone I saw myself becoming."

What a difference a year makes.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget your fantastic boyfriend.

Also: You're a dog person? If your cat mysteriously turned into a beagle while you were vacationing in Vancouver, would you be upset? Just curious.

Kelly said...

I could never forget my fantastic boyfriend ... what was his name again?

If you could make some sort of cat-to-dog alchemy, you would be rich and famous! But yes, I would be upset, if only because I would prefer a chocolate lab. Also, dogs require walks and love, while cats merely require food every once in a while.