The masses clamor for updates ...

Seriously, I've got like three Friendster testimonials that just say, "Update your blog already!"

Well, just a little one, to get back in the swing of things.

DVDs in my big damn "To Watch" pile:
- Ned & Stacey
- Gilmore Girls
- Firefly
- Sex and the City
- Arrested Development
- Jesus, don't I watch any movies anymore?

Modern doodads I'm thinking of getting (advice, please!):
- TiVo/DVR
- Netflix

Things on my mind lately:
- Calling 80 restaurants in three days for our dining guide (half of them think you're selling something and hang up on you)
- The American Copy Editors Society's Ohio workshop this weekend (gotta make that hotel reservation)
- Looking for an apartment (why an application fee? shouldn't they be courting me and not the other way around?)
- The OSU/Indiana game next weekend
- Flag football schedules
- Halloween costumes
- Considering taking a few days off and just relaxing for a while

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Dan said...


Get the TiVo, it will change your life. It will change it to the MAX!