Greetings from Cleveland!

The Holiday Inn Select has free Wi-Fi!

... and a $15-per-night charge to park in its garage.

Oh, well. Nothing's perfect.

Kari and I are heading to the American Copy Editors Society's Ohio workshop today. We'll learn about cutlines, headlines and the problems small papers face - and I'll be participating in something called Grammar Smackdown! (The exclamation point is part of the title, not an expression of my excitememt over the workshop.)

But I am excited. I've been feeling kinda burnt out lately, and ACES events tend to recharge my copy-editing batteries and get me excited about my job again.

Also, Ohio's foliage is at its peak, so the drive back should be purty.


Anonymous said...

So Megan and I were next door playing with the zesty-mint-scented beauty products, and you were playing with the free Wi-Fi. You blogging fool!
Did you come out of the seminar recharged? I certainly did. Gate-crashing a copy editing conference is quite invigorating, it turns out.

Kelly said...

I was recharged! Although I think I would have felt the same effect if I had just showed up for Bill Connoly's talk. He was great at laying everything out clearly - "This is what makes a good editor; this is why" - and I found it really inspiring.

There was a shocking lack of coffee, though.