Meet Thursday

This is Thursday (as in Thursday Next), although I probably call her Kitty Fantastico more often.

Thursday's owner lived in my parents' neighborhood, but he moved away and left her behind. (He had like 10 cats and - no kidding - a peacock.) She lived under a neighbor's porch for a few weeks and would come to visit my family whenever we were out by the pool (probably hoping for some scraps). When I learned she was a stray - and saw how cute and affectionate she was - I decided to take her home.

I've never had a cat before, so any advice you cat people have would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If you knew either of those references without clicking the links, you should probably add a few points to your geek score.


Miranda said...

One thing that's important is the kind of food you get. Using science diet will help prevent you having to take your cat to the vet for urinary tract infections. Even if the food seems expensive, it saves money in the long run.

Also: Do NOT feed it chocolate.

Stripey Francoise said...

Do not trap the kitty underneath a laundry basket at any time.

If the kitty climbs into a bag to explore, do not pick the bag up and spin it around, yelling "Tornado! Tornado!" over and over again.

If the kitty has been lying at the top of the stairs for seven hours, do not kick her—even lightly—as you step over her, even if you are Dad. She is guarding.

If the kitty is an outside kitty, do put a collar and tag on her, so that if she is exploring and rides in a contractor's truck all the way across Fargo, you can find her later, because is done exploring now and she will be hungry.

Do not feed the kitty wet food from a can*, because she will not enjoy it and might get diabetes as a result. She will probably not be able to give herself insulin shots, because she has no thumbs, so this will just make more work for you anyway.

If you do give the kitty wet food from a can, and she throws up—or if she throws up for another reason—do not panic: the kitty will clean it up herself, if you wait long enough.

And if the kitty is sleeping on your lap or your feet or on something you need to get into, do not move her. She does not appreciate that. She is probably busy doing something your large human mind cannot appreciate.

*Unless it is tuna fish in water, for people. That is really good.

Kelly said...

People who create entire Blogger alter-egos (with interests and everything listed!) just to make one comment are totally boss. It shows a dedication to avoiding productivity that I fear I will never obtain.

(Would one "obtain" dedication? Hmm.)

Anonymous said...

Stripey has good advice. He also proves why, while I like Josh, I can never trust him. So my number one rule is don't let your kitty hang out with Josh.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the three of us should consider some sort of group cat blog. It could cover important issues facing cats today.

Stripey Francoise said...

Yes! The same thing had occurred to me! We will call it Blog For Cats, and it will only be for cats.