The V-Day report (rather belated)

Because Valentine's Day was on a Saturday this year and money is tight, I didn't think Mr. W would send flowers to the office.

I was mistaken.

These came on Friday. (Our office was dark that day because Tabari was off, and he's the one who turns on the lights. Seriously.)

In addition to the roses, the box contained a teddy bear:

And a mini bottle of champagne (wrapped in the gold-colored cellophane behind the bear. It came with a straw!).

Whenever this sort of package is delivered to me at work, for the next 15 minutes you will find me bouncing between happiness and embarrassment that a fuss has been made over me. I might be pacing in the hallway, delivering a tongue-tied voicemail to Mr. W ("Um thank you so much they're so pretty um and you're so sweet and um I guess I'll see you later"), or trying work while stealing glances every five seconds at my bouquet, or possibly providing fodder for my female co-workers' giggles: "Look at you, you almost dove under your desk when that guy brought them in!"

I get flustered is what I'm saying.

(On the actual day, we stayed in, ate Indian food, and watched movies. The perfect Valentine's Day.)

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