Furlough, Day Four: Furloughier Than Ever

I'm very proud of all I accomplished on Friday - so much so that I suggested via Twitter that someone should make a "Furlough Achievements" application for Facebook. I even did a couple "FINALLY" tasks: things I've been meaning to get around to for weeks or even months.
- Breakfast achievement: omelet
- Gave bathroom a good scrubbing
- Cleaned out linen/storage closet; threw out much expired makeup and medicine
- Target trip: made a return; picked up lovely bridal shower gift and nice 75-percent-off lamp
- FINALLY made my way to Litwin's to get necklace restrung
- FINALLY got oil changed
- Began DS game Puzzle Quest; quickly became addicted; worked my way up to level 9
- Ran four miles
- Dinner with parents, aunt and uncle

Final furlough day: Friday, March 27.

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