Furlough, Day Two: The Furloughening

My accomplishments:

- Made nice breakfast sandwich with ham and egg and cheese. (I count breakfast as an accomplishment.)

- Paid bills.

- Gave my wreck of a kitchen a good deep clean - like, the kind where you take everything out of the kitchen and move everything that can move so you can sweep under it. The kind where you stand on a stepladder and organize the top shelves in your cabinets. The kind where you shove the mop into the space between the refrigerator and the stove.

I am inordinately proud of this cleaning. I'd have people over to see it if they wouldn't have to walk through my wreck of a living room.



- Registered for next week's Strides of March 5K.

- Went to Party Source; bought liquor for sister, sodas for me.

- Did two loads laundry.

- Ran 3.5 miles with dad.

Not bad, not bad! Next furlough: this Thursday. I've already got big plans.

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