Furlough, Day Three: Who Furloughs the Furloughmen?

My accomplishments on Thursday:

- Stayed up quite late the previous night watching an advance screening of Watchmen.

What, you need more? All righty:

- Breakfast achievement: bacon-tomato-cheese omelet
- Did some work to maintain pristine kitchen condition
- Walked to Rookwood to buy frozen yogurt, Wii mic, microwave turntable, possibly shoes; bought nothing but yogurt
- More fruitful trips to Target and Meijer
- Prepared collard greens for cooking the next day. I bought the pre-shredded greens, but if I had to do it again I'd just get the bunch of leaves - my supposedly "ready to cook" bag was filled with the tough stems you're supposed to discard. At least with the big leaves, I could remove the whole vein at once rather than 17 times in various bits of leaf.
- Cooked pork a new way: seared steaks in cast-iron skillet, then dumped sauerkraut on top and popped into the oven to finish. Result: tasty, but a bit tougher than the shreddy pork that comes out of the slow cooker.

Next furlough day: Friday, March 13. Spooky!

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