My weekend: an outline

- Hooters
- Slow, slow riverboat shuttle to ...
- Bengals game (an hour late, thanks to shuttle)
- Parents leave; alone for second half. Odd, but not entirely unpleasant.
- Supposed to meet @ Kari's house. Walk back to dock w/ 5 minutes left in game.
- I hate stupid, stupid too-full, slow riverboat shuttle. New curse words invented.
- Walk
- Poor deserted seafood festival
- Traffic, traffic, traffic
- Drunk guy in parking lot offers to kill self. I give him advice.
- Give up on getting to Clifton. Change in Levee bathroom.
- Cold Stone
- Picked up
- Party. Only sober-ish ones there. Fun!
- Dance
- Scrounge for ice
- Dance
- Car
- Clifton
- Ronson mocks my love of string cheese
- Home; bed

- Wake up early for run w/ dad
- Dad reschedules for afternoon - cool! Time for breakfast.
- Check Weather Channel; heat index is 120! IM dad; reschedule run for tomorrow.
- IMing with Neil - offers day pass at his gym
- Workout - YAY healthy Kelly!
- Softball emergency - must sub for mom
- Rain :(
- Rainbow! YAY!
- Beer! YAY!
- Games begin. Am known on team for skipping, being happy
- Back to parents'
- Swim
- Decide to adopt stray cat
- Bed

- Wake up uber-early
- Run w/ dad
- Church
- Farm market w/ parents - how wholesome!
- Mom insane - has written out itinerary for impending week-long visit from grandparents
- Dad insane, too - has cooked two huge logs of sausage to make one omelet
- Aloha, grandparents!
- Lunch @ Mio's w/ Katy
- Movie - penguins v. adorable
- Shopping: champagne, coffee filters, cat litter
- Pick up cat - v. docile
- Introduce cat to house-
- That was the cat


Eileen said...

Does the cat have a name?

Kelly said...

Right now her name is fluid and ever-changing. It was Tiki JohnStamos KittyFantastico, but now it might be Claire. Or Cat-tastic. Or CatCat.

I could use some help ...