Kings Island!

Eileen, Jeff, Carrie and I went to Kings Island on Saturday. Woo! Fun!

I remember avoiding KI like the plague on weekends when I was in high school and had a season pass. "Feh," I'd say dismissively, "weekends are when the unwashed masses get in their RVs and drive 500 miles just to stand in line for the Racer for six hours. I shall go only on Wednesdays, when the park is empty and I can ride on the Beast five times in a row!"

So yes, we had to wait in line for quite a bit longer than I'm used to. But seeing as how I haven't taken a real trip to the park in a few years, my tolerance for that sort of thing was built up; I found I had no problem waiting half an hour for Face/Off, a coaster which takes about a minute and a half. These waits were much improved by the TV screens showing music videos (introduced by cats performing "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" and that song that goes "Hey! Ho! Let's go!") and clips from Napoleon Dynamite. (Eileen, I can't believe you didn't mention the kitty music videos! I thought it was your second favorite part of the day!)

Here's what we rode:
- The Italian Job Stunt Track (hella fun, but I'm betting in 10 years people will be asking what this "Italian Job" is)
- Vortex (eek!)
- Beast (jolting as always, but so, SO woth the wait)
- White Water Canyon (where I got more soaked than I ever have on that ride)
- Tomb Raider: The Ride (feh - wouldn't go on it again unless there was no wait)
- SpongeBob SquarePants in 3-D (possibly my favorite ride of the day, if only because of its uniqueness)
- Flight of Fear (pretty cool, but, um, Paramount - why did you have to strip the ride of all its relation to The Outer Limits? Changing all the Outer Limits dialogue to generic higher-power-alien-speak was a bad, bad move.)
- The Racer (backwards; classic)
- Face/Off (fun; probably not worth the wait)
- Son of Beast (at some point, I pretty much thought every part of me was gonna break)
- Drop Zone (SCARY!)
- Delirium (good old-fashioned carnival fun; picture the Tilt-A-Whirl crossed with the Viking ship)
- Top Gun (nighttime made it slightly less lame)

The thing I noticed most about KI? Whenever there's a surface people can't reach, they throw pennies at it. What kind of sense does that make? "I just bought a 20-oz Coke for $3 - hey, an exposed two-by-four!" Sometimes there were even quarters! We decided the quarters were thrown by high-school students with no concept of doing their own laundry.

Ehh, you can kinda see what I mean.


Josh said...

I used to hate waiting. Or like, when I'd have to drive six or seven hours somewhere, that blew.

But then this summer, after a two-year hiatus from driving, I discovered that it doesn't bother me at all. Hours fly by, yea an' verily. Getting old is good for something.

Cats playing music. That's funny.

Eileen said...

I am also ashamed that I forgot the cats. About the time I was getting tired of waiting in line, the cats would come on and make it all better.

I thought the face off ride was pretty cool. There's nothing better than accidentally drooling on your friends!

me said...

oh kings island! i haven't been there since science day in high school!

did tomb raider have any boobified statues of angelina jolie? that would make it better....