Local woman becomes slightly less of a nobody

HYDE PARK - Area nobody Kelly Hudson became marginally less un-famous when a little-known local satire Web site published a story that may or may not be about her.

The Cincinnati Dealer, known mainly for poking fun at local bloggers and City Council members, ran a story that some have speculated could be about Hudson's recent spate of car accidents.

This story, if it is actually about Hudson, is expected to make her far more famous among people who already know her, know about her accidents, are regular readers of the Dealer, and are told, "Hey, that story's about Kelly!" The number of people who fit all these criteria is estimated at between 2 and 5.

Hudson, 24 - who describes her notoriety in words like "nonexistent" and "Nota-what?" - had mixed feelings about her newfound slight-lack-of-complete-unheard-of-ness.

"Are you sure that story's about me?" Hudson said. "I don't know - I've never even eaten at a Waffle House. And who's this Dealer guy, anyway? He reminds me of this guy Harold I used to see, but I broke up with that loser. He was such a tool."

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