Geekery to come - UPDATED

Note to self:

Self, take the Geek Test when you have some time. Report back when finished.

UPDATE. 34.91124%! Geekier than thou! I win! I win at nerd! (Of course, when it asked me if I lied to score better, I clicked "yes" ... then went back and checked a couple boxes I'd considered checking, but decided didn't really apply to me.)

UPDATE 2. OK, went back and unchecked everything that was not completely, entirely true and unexaggerated. New level of geekery: 31.36095%. Still pretty damn geeky. (If they had put some damn Harry Potter questions in there, I woulda totally kicked ass.)

UPDATE 3. Oh, my - I have committed a grievous breach of netiquette! I found this fun test through Melissa's blog. Go there, young traveler, and learn of rust and ranches.


Melvinator said...

No need to take a test. I admit to being part geek. I mean for real who else would watch Spike TV from 11am-4pm when Star Trek DS9 and Star Trek TNG are on? :)

Stacie said...

Hey Kel! I was only 16.7 % geek... I know, I'm as shocked as you are!

Josh said...

Melvin: Um, me.

(Except I'm kinda glad they stopped running DS9. Those guys are a bunch of whiners—except for Worf.)

Kelly said...

Word, J.

So what you guys are saying is that TNG is on Sundays on Spike for five hours? Hmm. Interesting.

They used to have a TNG marathon every Friday. I know because I watched it in my dorm room whenever I didn't have plans for Friday night. Which was, you know, every week.

Josh said...

No, it's Monday through Friday, or maybe Monday through Thursday. And maybe they didn't stop showing DS9. I know there were three full TNG episodes in a row every day I watched last week. But the part of my brain that keeps track of TV times and details has been fried since I moved back to Central Time. So fucking confusing.

Amanda said...

kelly, i got a 16.2% (rounded to three significant figures). i am not as big a geek as i thought!