I follow my heart, and it leads me right to Jacksonville ...

For the past 18 hours, I've had "Jacksonville" by Sufjan Stevens (listen to snippets on Amazon) on repeat in my iTunes. It is quickly climbing the ranks of my "most played" list; on my home computer, where I listen to music only rarely, it's surely already #1.

Sometimes I do this - a song just reaches out and grabs me by my psychic necktie and pulls me in for a long, deep kiss. And I fall into a passionate love affair with the song, and I can do nothing but eat, sleep and breathe that song for days.

Eventually I settle into a more temperate, healthy relationship with the song, which is good, because a flame which burns so brightly can only last so long.

Did I mention that I've had, like, three hours' sleep?

(UPDATED with more appropriate song lyric as post title. The previous one - "Andrew Jackson, all I'm askin' ..." - what was that about?)

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Josh said...

How is Sufjan?

Kelly, when are you going to update? Pbbt. And what's going on with the Blog For Cats? We need to work on this . . .