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Sunday morning dawned grey, chilly, and drizzly - actually a welcome change from the crazy heat of the previous few days. Top Chef On Tour was at the Hyde Park Farmers' Market, but I was more interested in browsing the market preview and possibly running into Cati, Julie, or Polly.

No pictures from the market because of the rain, but I left with two pots of herbs for my miniature balcony garden ...

... and a half-dozen eggs "from happy chickens."

The Eaton Farm representative who sold me the eggs had to cut a dozen box in half for me. "Those eggs are pretty fresh," he joked as he sawed away at the cardboard with a dull pocketknife, "but that's the freshest-cut carton you'll find!"

On the way home I crossed the street to peek in the windows of the new Cock & Bull pub, set to open next week.

After I snapped that photo, a workman emerged from the open door. "You'll never get a good picture that way! Come on in!"

It is gorgeous inside, guys.

So many taps (Polly says nearly 60)!

Lovely details like pressed-tin ceilings!

A great-looking patio!

And I live three blocks away.

Oh, and the fountain in the square is on, finally!

 Good beer, great local food, beautiful spaces ... this is where I live. It's like a fairy tale.

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Katie said...

I am just happy you are back to blogging again! I have missed it! :) A peek into "Kelly's World."