You've probably heard that my company is requiring its employees to take five days of unpaid leave by the end of March. They're calling it furlough.

Financially, I'm lucky: 18 months ago, I went on a strict budget to eliminate my credit-card debt, and since then, I've managed to save enough that I can handle losing a week's pay.

So I've decided to turn this unexpected time off into a Good Thing by vowing to accomplish something (preferably several things) on each day. I've spent too many weekends and extra vacation days in front of the computer, not noticing that my day off is being spent in much the same way my work day would. So on these particular days off, I will improve my life in some small but measurable way.

Day-off achievements might include:
- Taking a trip
- Going somewhere new locally
- Reading one of the many books that are piled up on my side table
- Thoroughly cleaning a room in my apartment
- Going on a nice long run
- Cooking something new and amazing
- Etc.

My first furlough day is Friday. I'll keep you posted.

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