PAC Punk'd!

This ad totally faked out, like, six of us when it came on after the Office finale last week.


Mike_R said...

How did it fake you out?
is it a fake? Did you think it was a joke?
Why do I need to know?
I just do. that's all.

Kelly said...

We thought it was a McCain ad.

You know - medals, flags, a veteran talking about how we need someone strong to defend this country. The ad plays with your assumptions about that kind of stuff, which I like.

Mike_R said...

Gotcha! Thanks.
Nice work on the Flying Pig, My muscles ached just reading it.

Ari Herzog said...

Hmm, I was going to ask Mike's question too.

I just "stumbled upon" your blog here. Looks neat; you should update it more frequently!