Birthday recap

- Wake up. Hmm, off to a good start already!
- Make coffee, open cards from grandparents, aunt and uncle.
- Drive to BMV to renew plates. Am convinced the BMV stereotype originated with people who only go there on Saturday - my weekday morning trip is rewarded with no line and a very helpful young man in stylish glasses.
- While writing check out to the treasurer, miss a call from sister. Voice mail is of her entire first-grade class chorusing, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Best voice mail ever.
- Find excellent parking space in lot. Thanks, City of Cincinnati - but I didn't get you anything! Unless you count my parking tickets over the years. In fact, let's definitely count those.
- Card from co-worker on my desk when I come in. Thoughtful!
- Worky work work.
- Venture out into beautiful spring day to secure expensive takeout salad.
- Workity work.
- Slight miscommunication: I thought I was running with my dad after work; he thought he was planting shrubs at home. I take abbreviated run on my own.
- Dinner with Mr. W. We try tiny blog-recommended noodle shop one block from my apartment. They use fresh vegetables! Also, sesame dumplings amazing. We'll be back.
- Presents! Mr. W provides gifts for me AND my cat, plus a lovely bottle of wine AND a six-pack of cider! He is far too good to me.
- We sip the wine (me) and cider (him) while watching DuckTales. Thank goodness these are GizmoDuck episodes and not Bubba episodes.
- Home.
- Write blog post.
- Bed?


AE said...

Happy birthday from the blogosphere!!

Gina said...

Sounds like an excellent b-day. The only thing missing is chocolate covered strawberries.