The pressures of updating

Hmm, it's been a while. In my last post I was preparing for my Harry Potter party, which was like three weeks ago. (It went off without a hitch, as long as you don't count "people not showing up" as a hitch.)

When you haven't updated for a while, I think the expectations for a "triumphant return"-type post are far higher. I can feel you (both) judging me, waiting for something great.

So here I submit to you: quite possibly the Greatest Music Video of All Time.

- Two people making out in a bathub makes Kelly Clarkson sad. (2:25)
- A cat clock "raises the roof." (3:20)
- Clarkson finds her true love at a raging kegger. I think we can all relate to that. (2:50)
- The raging kegger has karaoke! BONUS! (1:20)
- This party house and the party house in the video for Fiona Apple's "Criminal" - separated at birth? (This party was made more "upbeat" by the addition of palm-tree wallpaper - I mean, you can't have Kelly Clarkson roaming around an orgy! That would just be crass.)


Anonymous said...

Other items of note:
- Clarkson maintains a just-Botoxed level of disinterest on her face throughout the video.
- There's a Silly String fight in the kitchen. "Hey guys, my parents are out of town for the weekend! Dave, you bring the keg; Mindy, get some cans of Silly String; Will, you bring the paper party hats."
- The party-goers in the video can sleep sitting straight up with their rigid arms extended in artful poses, which is unusual.

AE said...

I totally fisted a turkey today while Art Boy was at work! Thought of you. Happy Thanksgiving!