Suck it, Pluto!

Take that, tiny lopsided-orbit Kuiper object!

(Sorry about the wacky colors; Photoshop was not kind to my PDF)


Gina said...

Pluto is now the most interesting (former) planet ever! Stripped of its planet-ness? Astronomers the world over must be gleeful. Pluto got A1 USA Today.

AE said...

Pluto and Charon's having equal status would've been just wrong. Charon's just a ferryman. He's important and all, but he needs to remember his station.

Kelly said...

I do feel a little bad that the eldest brother of Juliter got such a raw deal - in mythology and in astronomical nomenclature.

Also, there are going to be a lot of Sailor Moon episodes what need revision. Sorry, Sailor P!