Overheard in the cruise ship gift shop

"I have a tank top with 'Aruba' on it, but I never wear it. I just don't feel like I can support Aruba after what happened - after they didn't help find that little girl."


Kari said...

Hey, are you playing soccer on Saturday? Also - how's vacation? The copy desk is kinda boring without you!

Kelly said...

Glad to hear it!

I'll be back this (Friday) afternoon, rejuvenated and ready to play!

Anonymous said...

"...after they didn't help find that little girl."

Ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Kelly...I enjoy your blog a lot. I am glad that you have a link on your myspace. It is very witty and clever..and in fact...enjoyable! I too heard the woman in the gift shop, and the funny thing is she was serious..and thought she was being deep..and I think that the person she was talking to, ignored her..and moved on to the shot glass section of shop. Obviously foreshadowing her feelings about hanging around with this woman for the rest of the cruise. :) Rodeo Rebecca would be impressed...love you sis! xoxo katie