In the van

"Guess what I found today, Curse Girl????"

My mother had twisted around in her captain's seat so she could look at me. Next to me, a block of dry ice was quickly chilling the three large pizzas we were bringing to Indiana; by the time we reached Bloomington, the pizza closest to the ice would have frozen solid.

My mind raced. Curse Girl? OK, so my mother found something where I curse. What was it??? She didn't sound mad - there was that over-the-top joke-yelling tone in her voice where I've done something she doesn't approve of but isn't truly upset, like if I stay out until 3 a.m. when I have to get up at 7 - so at least I wasn't in any real trouble ...

She answered her own question. "I found your blog!"

Whew. The image of some repository of filthy words attributed to me evaporated. "I've cursed, like, twice on there!" (Wow, I'm getting sick of saying the word "curse.") "How did you find my blog?"

"I Googled you, and there it was. There are a lot of Kelly Hudsons, but you're, like, the second result that comes up!"

"That's because I'm the most famous." Most of the other Kelly Hudsons in the world are college students. "Except for that Kelly Hudson who's a TV anchor in Columbus." Funny story; I attended an SPJ banquet where the other K.H. received an award. I almost stood up myself to collect it.

"I read about your trip to Kings Island, and I saw a picture of your cat."

So the cursing is bad, but the updates on my life are good! I'm starting to see where this is going.

The upshot is, my mom reads this now, so perhaps I'd better keep it down to a PG-rated roar. Hi, Mommy!


Anonymous said...

Your mom Googled you. That's funny. Hi Kelly's mom - thanks for the lasagna. It was delicious! ...and the brownies, too, says Paul.

AE said...

does this mean you'll post more often? you do have fans!

Eileen said...

i used a curse word in one of posts once and my dad was all, "I could do without the bad language." Seriously, one profanity and suddenly I'm ten years old again. I use worse words at Thanksgiving dinner than I do in my blog. Maybe he worries that it is a semi-permanent testament to my profanity.