Geek fashion

It's now T minus four days until the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and the question on my mind is: What is appropriate attire for an adult at a bookstore party to celebrate the release of a "children's" book?

Of course I cannot wear the capes, false scars and broken glasses that will no doubt be the uniform for the youngsters in attendence. That would make me creepy. I have a long-sleeved T-shirt with the Hogwarts crest on it (part of my uniform when I worked at the WB store), but a) that's a little bit obvious, don't you think? and b) it's freakin' July.

So right now I have a few options. I can:
- dress in the colors of my favorite House (which could be tough, as Ravenclaw's colors are blue and bronze, and I have no bronze)
- display a reference to another shibboleth of geekery (Superman, Buffy, etc.). You know, just to let people know I belong there.
- go goth. Goth is fun - and kinda witchy.


AE said...

Kelly, do you have a copy of the book reserved? I was thinking today that it might be fun to stop by Joseph-Beth that night, but then I saw a story on the wire that made it sound like you'll never get a copy if you haven't reserved one.
Of course I never actually read OotP, so I am being totally bandwagon about this.

Kelly said...

I reserved a copy at the B&N in Kenwood. My understanding is that there will be books available for purchase that night, but reserving a copy just sorta streamlines the process. It's also possible that you could still reserve one.

If you'd like to go with us (whether to pick up the book or just take in the spectacle), we'd be glad to have you along. Do you work Friday? OotP came out when I was an intern, and I had to pick it up at Meijer because I didn't get off work until the bookstores closed.

And if you haven't yet left for Nashville, perhaps we could arrange for you to borrow my copy of OotP to read on the trip?

Eileen said...

I have a copy reserved at the Barnes and Noble in Newport. My plan is to go to a movie Friday and then pick up the book like I did last time.

As far as attire goes, Kelly, I suggest goth or nothing. I love seeing all the little kids dressed up and running around way past their bedtimes but adults dressed up sort of freak me out.

ae said...

Kelly, thanks so much for the offer! I'd love to go, but just found out I have to be late guy. Nothing like working till 2 a.m. on Saturday night! And I will take you up on borrowing OotP as soon as I've reread the others. I need to come down with mono or something so I can just hunker down & read.
As far as dressing goes, go full-on goth & scare the little kids. It will make the book seem that much more complicated & cool to them.