Elements of a Hudson/Carson/Drilling/Forrest/Clark Christmas

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Football games (watching, not playing)
  • Boy-girl harmonica-kazoo battle
  • Gift exchange presents including "Anti Monkey Butt Powder" and "Omega-3 Krill Capsules"
  • Entire extended family forced to fend for selves when homeowners flee to Florida on the 27th
  • Entire extended family piling into homeowners' bed, then shower, to take pictures to send to traveling homeowners
  • The garage being turned into a makeshift refrigerator when turkey AND ham AND pot roast AND ribs AND all the sides for each become a little unwieldy
  • Bottles and bottles of wine
  • Glasses and glasses of beer
  • Jugs and jugs of OJ (for screwdrivers, natch)
  • Entire family begging anyone who leaves (like, say, a girl who's got to be at work the next day) to come back as soon as she possibly can

All in all, not a bad way to spend a weekend.


gerard said...

I Like this. Where's the Facebook Like button?

Denise said...

This seems a lot like my family Christmas. Cards got to a pretty intense point of 2:00am poker bets. Still don't know if I won or lost money.