Hee Haw and Merry Christmas

A couple weeks ago, the Al & Al show came to visit my parents' house to screen It's a Wonderful Life, No. 11 on the AFI's top 100 list. I happen to know a little about the movie, so I volunteered to host.

Cati came bearing cheese. Bob and Tracy arrived with cocktail knowledge. Alex and Allison brought some excellent speechifying on future cool Watch This events. And I provided the DVD and the liquor. (It's a Wonderful Life is a far drinkier movie than one might suspect.) Good times were had!

And now the Watch This post about the evening is out, so you should go read that. You should also try to attend one of their screenings before the year is up!


AE said...

Aw, Kelly, that's great! I love that you had theme drinks. I also love that at least one guest favored George's double bourbon. Go you!

Kelly said...

The bourbon was the hit of the night - we were sucking down Manhattans like nobody's business. The mulled wine had a few fans, but Harry's gin was untouched.