Training, Week One: Roncker's Runners

The sudden heat wave meant a lovely outdoor run in Mount Lookout on Tuesday, with pants that don't even come all the way down to my ankles! By the time we finished 3.5 miles, the sun was going down.

I was feeling good as I drove home, and I felt even better when I turned onto my street and saw a sea of tiny bobbing lights moving slowly toward me. I was witnessing that harbinger of running season in Cincinnati: the Bob Roncker's Running Spot training group.

The Running Spot group is a common enough sight in Hyde Park/Oakley, and I'll bet there are a bunch of drivers who get annoyed when it takes 15 minutes to turn onto a side street because of all the runners pounding down Madison, but I always like seeing them. They get me motivated; plus, we share a goal. (Heck, I'd consider joining them if it weren't a bit too expensive for my tastes.)

So I parked my car on the street (which took some time because several of the runners were running where I wished to park), got out, and shouted, "Good job, runners! Keep it up!"

Some of them thanked me. One yelled back, "Hey, want to give us a ride to the finish?"

We all laughed, and I made my way up the street with the runners streaming past me, safety lights blinking in the night.

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Gina said...

Last night I was running through O'Bryonville as they were just starting out, and I briefly got caught up in the sea of them.

It was fun.

It would be fun to run with that many people. Fun until they all out ran me and left me wincing on the side of Madison Road anyway.